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"For the last time, Maze, we're not having a threesome."

✯ First Impressions

₪ VISUAL: Chloe is about 5'7''. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. (photo)
₪ FASHION: Chloe generally dresses very conservatively. She favors jeans or slacks, oversized sweaters and blouses, and jackets and blazers. She doesn't usually wear make up and wears her hair in a messy bun, pony tail or french braid at work. In her personal time she usually wears her hair down. (photo)
₪ DEMEANOUR: Chloe comes off as somewhat shy, although she is sweet and friendly once she in comfortable. She isn't particularly outgoing, preferring to observe rather than attract attention. She can also be incredibly sarcastic.
₪ AURAL: Chloe doesn't have any discernable accent. She has a lower voice and often speaks quickly and with a lot of emotion. (video)
₪ OLFACTORY: Chloe doesn't wear perfume unless she's dressed up, so she usually smells like a soft, non-scented lotion and shampoo.
₪ MENTAL INFORMATION: She was given vervain by Freya Mikaelson, and thus cannot be compelled by vampires in the TVD universe. Other characters are welcome to read her mind and emotions; if you are unfamiliar with the canon and want some information for mind reading, or if your character is a TVD character and you want to do something involving compulsion, leave a comment and we can definitely work something out. Chloe is immune to Lucifer's powers of temptation and desire exhibition.
₪ POWER INFORMATION: Chloe makes Lucifer mortal in her presence.

✯ Permissions

₪ BACKTAGGING: I live off backtagging. I try to get to my tags at least a couple days a week, although real life matters can often interfere with my tagging ability. If you would prefer to wrap up a thread quickly or handwave it, I don't mind at all and am happy to chat through the specifics OOCly. If you have a time-sensitive thread, don't hesitate in letting me know so I can prioritize it.
₪ FOURTHWALLING: For now, I am going to ask for no 4th walling. If you have a convincing argument for it happening, though, I am more than happy to hear it out and consider it.
₪ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: With friends, Chloe is very open to small things like hand holding or shoulder patting. She does really enjoy hugs though, especially with those she is closest to.
₪ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Chloe is a trained police officer and is proficent with hand to hand combat and firearms. Any injury to her in a thread needs to be plotted ahead of time, please. Death plots will be considered, so please let me know if you have an idea!
₪ RELATIONSHIPS: Chloe is divorced from her husband, Dan. She is also very attached to Lucifer, although she is attempting to not be romantically interested in him at the moment. She isn't looking to date and is still recovering from her divorce and break up with Lucifer.


₪ NAME: Bex
₪ PLURK: [ profile] bexxen
₪ MUSEBOX: [community profile] embarkation
₪ CURRENT GAMES: [community profile] entranceway