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[ he hasn't been avoiding the beautiful and enigmatic detective purposefully or pointedly. truth be told he's spent these long weeks avoiding the particulars of last month's events, or rather the feelings associated with them. all besides the usefulness of rage, of course. that he's channelled into the productiveness of preparing for and waging war.

he's at lux tonight in search of lucifer; half-business, half-pleasure. the devil's never been particularly reliable about answering his phone and he could use the change of setting and perhaps a drink. klaus stops, however, at the sight of the blonde at the end of the bar.

he stops, and hesitates. (it wasn't his fault. he still ripped apart the man she loves right in front of her. he still demonstrated with blood and viciousness the monster he is.

what will she see of him now? not the father she knew.)

klaus' jaw works. he glances down and fights through his foolishness, through caring at all. despite it, there are still hints of that hidden vulnerability about him as he follows through with his decision and approaches her, stopping a few stools away. (she makes monsters vulnerable, indeed.)
] Waiting for Lucifer?
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[ she doesn't need to say the words. he sees it, in the tense reception and emanating discomfort that follows, however unintentionally shown. he feels it like ice in his gut, his own jaw clenching in response.

klaus looks to the bar top as well. he looks blindly to his hand resting on it, and worries his lips.

he knows it isn't simple. he's killed like this before: uncontrollable and vicious, leaving nothing but horror and bodies in his wake. there have been many — most of those horrors and bodies — through the centuries he has intended to give and leave. he has relished in that violence. he is perfectly and enthusiastically accustomed to it.

not this.

he had nearly forgotten this.

(he never forgot.)

he knows the horror and helplessness she feels because he feels it himself. he had to clean lucifer's blood off his hands; he had to rinse off the blood of everyone he harmed and remember that powerlessness, that reminder of monstrousness. he can imagine how it felt for her, soaked in the blood of the man she loves, just as powerless. klaus swallows thickly, reaches to take off his jacket, lays in down, and sits a seat away.
] Not particularly. [ true enough. true enough because it's clear who he needs to talk to; who he wants to talk to.

klaus clasps his hands together, weaves his fingers. tightens and loosens his grip, again and again. there are few people. so very few for whom he would feel compelled to struggle and to find these words. perhaps it's because she is a mother, like he is a father. perhaps because despite the fleetingness of their interaction, he valued it like he hadn't valued anything for a long time. perhaps because through lucifer, he feels he can trust her with this vulnerability. (it's simpler, he knows: he sees hers, and he wants to make it right.)
] What I did... [ the words come quietly, after a long moment. soft. slow. rife. he cannot bear to look at her with the roundness of his eyes; his gaze stays on the top of the bar. ] I didn't mean to do, and I promise you... [ he swallows past the lump in his throat. he finds the will to look over towards her. ] I will do everything in my power to protect him.
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[ he knows she could just walk away.​​ he knows the ease of that; that welcoming of simplicity and the comfort in doing so. it's easy, not to trust. it's simple, to look at those who have wronged you and condemn them, no matter their motives and in this case lack thereof. it's comforting, to take to the darkness. to what you know. (he has. he certainly has.)

he doesn't believe that is who chloe is. perhaps it would be better, if she was — but standing by his family let alone the devil does not make for the feint at heart.

his eyes alight on hers, a flicker of hope. it fades, because he knows the answers to her question, while as gently dealt as he can, will not inspire confidence nor paint him in a better light. but it will be honest strokes, and klaus has never recoiled from those.

he recognizes why she needs this. he recognizes, despite the courtesy it asks for, that it is also a gesture. a chance. klaus looks away. he begins.
] ​​Where I come from, being a werewolf is a curse. Every full moon and on the days surrounding it, those who have triggered their werewolf gene by killing another... ​[ ​​he trails off. he knows what this implies about him. he can imagine it's not only he that needs a moment to understand what he is.

and to go on to explain:
] ​They become monsters. They have no quarter, no control, no compassion. They simply want to hunt.​ ​​[ ​​like he did that day. like he was. like he can be, even without a spell. ]

I'm not a simple werewolf. My family and I, through the magics of our mother, became something else, to protect us. I, the bastard, learned the day I first killed what that meant.
[ ​​he finds the will to look over at her, his jaw tense, something in his eyes fearful of these truths he does not usually deal with vulnerability. he also knows the weight of what he says, how fantastical it must seem to her. ] ​Because I'm a hybrid, like my family a vampire and like my father a werewolf, I can control that change. I do not have to suffer. The spell ​my sister's mirror used, forced me to do so. It took away the consciousness I would have if I chose myself, in order to fulfill her directive.

[ to kill elena. to use him as a distraction. as a weapon. he looks away again.​​ ]

​I did fight her. ​​[ ​​but he couldn't — he didn't win. the words are quieter, thin. he cannot linger on that weakness; he injects his voice with a fierceness just as quiet. ] But we were taken by surprise. That will not happen again.​ [ he means that, his eyes moving to her again.​​ his family is not the type to make the same mistake twice. ]
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​​​[ ​​​​there is strength in those who do not wield immortal or supernatural powers. there are those whose courage and fight; whose goodness and sense of right and wrong and justice offer more than they might consider worthy, faced with unspeakable odds. these are the things he wishes he could say to her, the words he imagines she might need to hear, hearing the aimless anger and frantic helplessness in her voice.

klaus watches her, lips parting; he grasps the crisis of faith and fear she is having, even if he does not fully understand nor relate. (the only part of it that comforts him, and selfishly so, is that word: "friend." spoken if not with forgiveness than with acknowledgement. with a chance.)

she's smart to ask how. she's right, that freya's mirror is strong: as strong if not stronger than her aunt dahlia. that she needs to be defeated because these atrocities will happen again and again. she did kill elena. she brought that violence upon them with relative ease. she's right, and the truth is he is just as afraid, and he does not know.

not for certain. not yet. but that's not what he believes chloe needs to hear. it's not what he needs to hear, to spawn, to believe. they have faced and fought dangers larger than this. klaus' lips set, as does his expression. his eyes search hers. his words are sure and assuring.
]​ How we always do: together.

[ he looks down, pulls in a quiet breath to go on. she mentioned their mutual friend, in not-quite flattering terms. he imagines that is partially deserved. both his family and his allies have aided in bringing this all upon her; that is also true. she has a score of reasons to be overwhelmed, to be uncertain, to feel the way she does. ] What Lucifer has done to alter your life, whatever being here has done, [ he looks back up at her ] better or worse, know that he cares about you, and you are not alone. [ he doesn't mean only lucifer. ]
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[ ​​the real atrocities have already occurred. she has already witnessed them and no doubt will witness more. he sees no use nor kindness in offering her anything but hope, but fight. perhaps that is handling her with a gentleness he does not extend to others, but it is also a gentleness that precludes inclusion, that precludes an assurance and a determination on his part to keep her safe. not only for lucifer, but because he cares about her — because she has proven herself worthy of that care. (she has value, by virtue of being who she is. she has value to him. she's all but proven herself in friendship.)

klaus knows that does not change the suffering that is yet to come. he knows that those who touch his family's lives will undoubtedly face demons and evils; brutality and cruelty he does not explain, that he does seek to protect her from now. she deserves that respite, however fleeting, after all she's faced. no one ever granted it to him. perhaps if he does not stress these dangers... perhaps they need not come true, not yet.

he pulls in a breath, looks away at her degradation of lucifer, and thirsts for a drink himself. he's no doubt there is a reason she means the words she says, no doubt some egregious wrong and hurt she carries. he will not presume. he will not ask. it is not his place nor does he have the context to do so. but he knows this: this disharmony need be addressed. he knows what he sees; what he hears when he sees them together, and when he talks to lucifer himself. (that is love, and this is an obstacle.) only at her question does he look over to her.

he will not hold back. she has asked for the truth, and he has no hesitation to give it, no matter how it will color her opinion of him. he knows what he is. who he is.
] A thousand years is certainly enough for a habit to make. ​​[ ​​he says it lightly, though the amusement falls flat. he continues, that lightness fading into something grave and sincere. ] I've done what I had to, to protect my family, myself, and my interests. ​​[ ​​he adds the last, because it is true: ] I'm not a good person. ​​[ ​​his eyes finds hers as he says this, rounded and affected, if not remorseful. a lump form in his throat at the thought of his daughter. he swallows past it. ] But I've tried to be. If that's what you're asking.
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[She's not super close with Lucifer, but Elena is, and it's impossible not to overhear things, especially in the aftermath of the mirrors wrecking havoc through Wonderland.

She knows a little about Chloe, knows she's from the same world as Lucifer, that she tried to help after Klaus did the first bit of his damage. That even after the attack, she still tried to help Elena when Caroline didn't know she needed to.

She should have been there, so to have a relative stranger care meant something to her. Their lives were complicated and it was always hard for people that got sucked into it. In Wonderland, it was that much harder to avoid.

She shows up at her door, knocking lightly, a bottle of red wine held gently in her hands as a sort of peace offering.

Hopefully she'll invite her in, or this could be...awkward.]
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Nothing! I just--

[Okay, so that could have come out a little bitter. She sighs, holding out the bottle to her.]

Here, I brought this for you. Not that you can't just get whatever you want out of the closet, but it's the thought that counts, right? [Her lips press together briefly before she finally jumps into the real reason she's here. Which she probably should have done in the first place.] I...heard what you did for Elena. I thought I should come say thank you and, I don't know, actually meet you.

[Being friends with them didn't always come easy, she knew.]
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Yeah. Me too.

[She'd been helping someone else, the person that Elena had called to warn her about. She probably wanted Caroline to stay away, to not get hurt, but she'd had to try and help. For Klaus and his victims.

She saved some people that day, but not everyone.

She doesn't notice the change in Chloe's demeanor at the sight of her ring; she doesn't know her well enough for that. She does hear the change in her heartbeat, though.

She might already know what she is, she wouldn't be shocked since she's in their circle.
Caroline wouldn't blame her.]

She's been my best friend since we were super little. We grew up together.
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[Childhood friends in one of those small towns where everyone knew everyone.

Also, a small town that historically had a vampire problem.

Well, that clinches that. She definitely knows. Her expression turns sheepish as she rocks back on her heels once.]

No, yeah, I get it. I didn't know if you knew or not. [Her lips press together almost anxiously. It's something she usually keeps a secret.] Most people don't since there's...hunters around and stuff. Some of them don't care if you're drinking from a bag or a person. They just label you a monster and call it a day.


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action; back-dated to before her canon update

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( elena helps run the youth center, with a strong emphasis on the curated library she personally kicked off. she spends quite a bit of time there, but nothing truly beats wonderland's library. even with all its oddities — how often the shelves move around, how you might not even find the library in the same floor, how certain books will elude you if they're the ones you need the most — there's just something about it. the smell of its books, the ornate wood, the nooks you find.

and elena does have her own little nook. it's where she does much of her research. it's where she writes in her journal when the inspiration strikes. and though she doesn't invite people often to that space, that small corner in the library that's perfect for unwinding, chloe is certainly one of those people.

she understands better than anyone chloe's desire to be useful. elena herself once battled against that feeling: the feeling of being made idle to wonderland's whims, with no real power or autonomy of her own to change anything, do anything, save anyone. it matters.

it's why she waits for chloe in this private little nook, with two cups of coffee and a plate of pastries already at hand. )
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( elena's smile widens in greeting.

she'd wave off the gratitude if she didn't know just how rough chloe's introduction to wonderland has been. something as normal as having breakfast in a library probably does feel life-saving. )
I'm doing better. Getting back into the grind of things has helped.

( it's an honest answer, as honest as elena gets. she may no longer be the gloomy graveyard girl, but it's still second nature to say she's fine whether she is or she isn't. because she needs to believe that: that she will be fine, that she will survive all this, that when tomorrow comes she will want to greet it. )

But something tells me I should be asking you that question. ( elena wants to know how chloe is doing, as well. )
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( elena grows still, in spite of herself. )

Did you?

( she and freya haven't seen each other much since the mirror incident, though elena did set up a meeting so that they could talk about it. she didn't want freya thinking that elena blamed her for a mirror's misdeeds, even if it's hard to be around the mikaelsons in general these days.

moreover, she's so used to the vampire thing being a secret, so used to having to keep those secrets, that she doesn't always know how to react when someone finds out. old habits are hard to break. )
What did she say?
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( elena wouldn't want chloe to regret saying anything. as emotional as she still is about what happened, the honesty they're forging together means something to her. and she feels a stab of guilt that it didn't occur to her to give chloe the vervain first, but with everything that had been happening...

vampires are sadly the least of their worries. but they still are worries. )

A little. ( freya left flowers on her doorstep, a purple that usually signifies 'i'm sorry.' )

We're okay. As okay as we can be, I think. I'm not sure anyone will blame Freya more than Freya blames herself. I'm glad she talked to you, though. About everything. It's important. ( when you're human, as elena and chloe are, information can sometimes be your only weapon. )

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