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2017-07-05 05:19 pm
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"I need your help like I need a third boob."

✯ General Information

✥ DATE OF ARRIVAL: April 17, 2017
✥ AGE: 34
✥ CANON POINT: 2x13, "A Good Day to Die"
✥ ROOM: 8th floor, room 007
✥ MIRROR JOURNAL: [personal profile] theunrestrained
✥ IMPORTANT ITEMS: gun; journal; vervain (locket)
✥ DEATHS: one

✯ Room 007

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ic contact;

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"For the last time, Maze, we're not having a threesome."

✯ First Impressions

₪ VISUAL: Chloe is about 5'7''. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. (photo)
₪ FASHION: Chloe generally dresses very conservatively. She favors jeans or slacks, oversized sweaters and blouses, and jackets and blazers. She doesn't usually wear make up and wears her hair in a messy bun, pony tail or french braid at work. In her personal time she usually wears her hair down. (photo)
₪ DEMEANOUR: Chloe comes off as somewhat shy, although she is sweet and friendly once she in comfortable. She isn't particularly outgoing, preferring to observe rather than attract attention. She can also be incredibly sarcastic.
₪ AURAL: Chloe doesn't have any discernable accent. She has a lower voice and often speaks quickly and with a lot of emotion. (video)
₪ OLFACTORY: Chloe doesn't wear perfume unless she's dressed up, so she usually smells like a soft, non-scented lotion and shampoo.
₪ MENTAL INFORMATION: She was given vervain by Freya Mikaelson, and thus cannot be compelled by vampires in the TVD universe. Other characters are welcome to read her mind and emotions; if you are unfamiliar with the canon and want some information for mind reading, or if your character is a TVD character and you want to do something involving compulsion, leave a comment and we can definitely work something out. Chloe is immune to Lucifer's powers of temptation and desire exhibition.
₪ POWER INFORMATION: Chloe makes Lucifer mortal in her presence.

✯ Permissions

₪ BACKTAGGING: I live off backtagging. I try to get to my tags at least a couple days a week, although real life matters can often interfere with my tagging ability. If you would prefer to wrap up a thread quickly or handwave it, I don't mind at all and am happy to chat through the specifics OOCly. If you have a time-sensitive thread, don't hesitate in letting me know so I can prioritize it.
₪ FOURTHWALLING: For now, I am going to ask for no 4th walling. If you have a convincing argument for it happening, though, I am more than happy to hear it out and consider it.
₪ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: With friends, Chloe is very open to small things like hand holding or shoulder patting. She does really enjoy hugs though, especially with those she is closest to.
₪ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Chloe is a trained police officer and is proficent with hand to hand combat and firearms. Any injury to her in a thread needs to be plotted ahead of time, please. Death plots will be considered, so please let me know if you have an idea!
₪ RELATIONSHIPS: Chloe is divorced from her husband, Dan. She is also very attached to Lucifer, although she is attempting to not be romantically interested in him at the moment. She isn't looking to date and is still recovering from her divorce and break up with Lucifer.


₪ NAME: Bex
₪ PLURK: [ profile] bexxen
₪ MUSEBOX: [community profile] embarkation
₪ CURRENT GAMES: [community profile] entranceway

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cr chart;

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from dusk til dawn
gravity falls
fantastic beasts and where to find them
gravity falls
mcu/agent carter
the vampire diaries
the vampire diaries
the originals
the originals
the picture of dorian gray
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How's My Driving?
Do you have any feedback or critique on how I play Chloe? Please share your thoughts, questions and concerns here.


If you are new to writing critiques and don't know where to start, feel free to check out my Critique Etiquette Post. If you would prefer to crit me in a more private manner, send a PM!
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In which Chloe finds herself stranded in some caves.

MAY 9 2017 | NETWORK | with [personal profile] krmvgivv and [personal profile] powerofmabel
In which Chloe wants to get involved in investigations.

MAY 14 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] destruccive, [personal profile] poppycock/[personal profile] prowls, [personal profile] walkingheroin, [personal profile] eyething, & [personal profile] interpersonal
In which mirror!Freya wreakes havoc, Klaus goes full wolf, Lucifer nearly gets eaten, Chloe almost has a heart attack, and Damon and Elena have a really, really bad day.

MAY 14 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] eyething & [personal profile] walkingheroin
In which Chloe wakes up, Damon peaces out and Lucifer convinces her reason is not the answer.

MAY 15 2017 | NETWORK | with [personal profile] mucked
In which Chloe meets Peggy Carter.

MAY 15 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] mr_englishguy
In which Chloe bumps into a man with a stick.

ǝsɹǝʌ¡ɹoɹɹıɯ | MAY 15 2017 | NETWORK | with [personal profile] theothermrgray
In which mirror!Chloe taunts Dorian Gray.

MAY 19 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] interpersonal
In which Chloe finds Elena.

JUNE 2 2017 | NETWORK | with [personal profile] screwedontight
In which Chloe is not enjoying the ski resort.

JUNE 10 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] screwedontight
In which Chloe finds Seth drinking alone.

JUNE 10 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] deathlessness
In which Chloe bumps into Freya.

JUNE 16 2017 | IC INBOX (chloe) | with [personal profile] poppycock
In which Chloe and Klaus talk about the werewolf incident.

JULY 3 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] walkingheroin
In which Chloe confronts Lucifer about the truth.

JULY 6 2017 | IC INBOX (chloe) | with [personal profile] persevere
In which Chloe meets Caroline.

JULY 14 2017 | LOGS | OPEN
In which there is a zombie apocolypse.

AUGUST 1 2017 | NETWORK | with [personal profile] trigeminalheadache
In which Chloe talks about her job.

Catch all post for August and September.

AUGUST 2 2017 | NETWORK | with [personal profile] lifeisntfun
In which Chloe meets a talking bird.

AUGUST 5 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] persevere
In which Chloe touches base with a newly humanitied Caroline.

AUGUST 6 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] like247
In which Chloe has nothing better to do than read clickbait.

AUGUST 6 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] walkingheroin
In which Chloe is assigned to one Lucifer Morningstar.

AUGUST 6 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] screwedontight
In which Chloe snarks at Seth.

AUGUST 7 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] adaptiveimmunities
In which Chloe wants to take down Shaun in a water fight.

AUGUST 6 2017 | LOG | with [personal profile] screwedontight
In which Chloe and Seth throw water balloons at each other.

AUGUST 12 2017 | LOG | OPEN
In which Chloe attends a music festival.

AUGUST 12 2017 | LOG | [personal profile] manipulative
In which Chloe thinks she's encountered a familiar face...

AUGUST 13 2017 | LOG | [personal profile] easily
In which Chloe bumps into a girl on the dancefloor.

AUGUST 13 2017 | LOG | [personal profile] guncocked
In which Chloe tries to give some birthday advice.

AUGUST 15 2017 | IC CONTACT (elena) | [personal profile] interpersonal
In which Chloe has a crisis.

AUGUST 15 2017 | IC CONTACT (seth) | [personal profile] screwedontight
In which Chloe has a question.

AUGUST 20 2017 | LOG | [personal profile] suspense_kills_me
In which Chloe tries some popcorn.

SEPTEMBER 16 2017 | NETWORK | [personal profile] powerofmabel & [personal profile] krmvgivv
In which Chloe wonders about eyeballs.

SEPTEMBER 16 2017 | NETWORK | [personal profile] morethan084
In which Chloe asks about the appearing objects.

SEPTEMBER 17 2017 | NETWORK | [personal profile] screwedontight
In which Chloe annoys Seth.

SEPTEMBER 18 2017 | NETWORK | [personal profile] mourning_ghost
In which Chloe returns an item.


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quicksand {lucifer/chloe, post-break-up kiss prompt}

She knew she needed to stop moving if she wanted to live, but it was hard to let logic rule your mind when your body was trying to outrun death.

Chloe had been a cop long enough to know it might very well be how she died. Of course, she didn’t want to. Instead of concentrating on the possibility of the end of her life coming sooner than she wanted, she chose instead to concentrate on watching Trixie grow up, attending her graduation, seeing her get married, and enjoying a humble pension in the presence of her grandchildren. It was a normal, boring dream but Chloe was, arguably, a normal, boring person. She wanted to live her life until the very end, into a point where she could look death in the eye and say to it, without hesitation, “I’ve done all I needed to, and I’m ready.”

She wasn’t ready yet. She wasn’t ready to be buried alive in quicksand, under the arch of a dark cave, a reality away from her daughter and alone. So completely alone.

It had been stupid. Chloe was upset and frustrated. It had been three months with no sign of any change and nothing pointing to an escape. Wonderland proved itself more and more to be less of a land of wonder and more one of potential nightmares, and instead of adjusting like everyone seemed to be sure she would, she just became angry. It started like an itch in the back of her throat, an oncoming cold scratching its way forth, transforming into a fire that licked her mouth, her brain, her heart.

At first, it was just words spoken in desperation to those who had become her friends. Then it became cruel actions, disinterest, and isolation. Whatever adjustment there was to be made turned instead into withdrawal, and it wasn’t long before her anger at her situation and frustration at the people around her who seemed resigned to it turned inwards. She stopped looking in the mirror every morning, disgusted by the sight of the dark circles under her eyes, stringy, dirty blonde hair falling over sunken cheeks, pale skin almost translucent under the dull lighting in her sparse bedroom. She stopped looking because she couldn’t bear the thought of the coward that peered back at her every damn morning.

Chloe went back to the caves because it was the only option she could think of. End where it began, she remembered thinking to herself, although she hadn’t meant it quite as literally. She’d gotten lost in the darkness easily, her flashlight had given out and she had finally been ready to give up again, sending Lucifer a simple Lost in the caves again text message in hopes that he would find it in his heart to come get her.

She didn’t know if the devil had a heart. But on the chance that he did, maybe there was enough of her in it for him to forgive her.

Her device was already gone, swallowed somewhere in the depths of the quicksand she had unwittingly stepped into. Chloe had stupidly struggled long enough to envelop the lower half of her body before she remembered something about how you were just supposed to stay still. She was never good at staying still. Her choice was to fight and get swallowed alive, or float limply and wait for starvation or something worse that skittered around the caves to do her in.

Supposedly death wasn’t permanent, sure. But it wasn’t death that she was afraid of. It was the long, drawn out process she was desperate to avoid.
The hours seemed to crawl by, shuffling like the sounds of animals roaming the caves. Darkness brought an uncertainty to her surroundings that scared her. What your mind conjured in the shadows was always worse that the reality and Chloe could only see nightmares. As hunger set in, exhaustion followed quickly, and the caves grew impossibly darker. When she closed her eyes, her mind flicked through an onslaught of her life. Maybe your life flashing before your eyes in the instant of death was a self-fulfilling prophecy as if hearing people say it enough made you immediately review every mistake you had spent a lifetime making. Chloe had hated that saying, thinking it was a waste of time to mull on things that couldn’t be changed. Life was already hard enough without regret to make it more painful.

Chloe didn’t expect what she did see. Instead of a barrage of all her subconscious regrets, she found instead a strange peace. For a moment, she felt her parents around her, tucked into her bed reading her a story. She felt the brush of her father’s kiss on the top of her head. She saw Trixie at the table during taco night, her infant fists launching food at her laughing father. Chloe remembered how full her heart had been when Dan loved her.

And then she saw Lucifer. The smug curve of his lips, the intensity of his eyes staring into hers. She swore she could feel the pressure of his mouth on her own, and she didn’t have time to miss it, to mourn it, because it felt so real. Chloe could hear him affectionately referring to her by her rank, over and over again through laughter and smiles, her forehead against his and then his soft accent wrapping around the vowels in her name. Chloe. Chloe.

The shuffling in the dark grew closer and closer, but Chloe was too tired to open her eyes, too exhausted to fight. Something grasped her arm but she didn’t care, wrapped in the memories and warmth of her life, the accomplishments she had made, the lives she had changed. She was ready now, and she wasn’t alone. Lucifer was there with her, in her memories, whispering her name and telling her, It will be okay.

And for the first time since she arrived in Wonderland, she believed him.


The light filtering through the window of her bedroom had felt almost alien after the seemingly eternal darkness of the caves. Chloe was sitting up in bed, a warm cup of tea cooling on her bed stand. The silky soft of her sheets pressed against her bare legs like a caress.

She hadn’t died. At first, she wasn’t sure, but when the weakness and hunger finally faded enough for her to return to herself, she remembered what happened. Lucifer must have searched for her for hours, she gathered that much. He had drug her out with his impossible strength and took her back to the mansion, but she hadn’t seen him since. Three days of well-needed sleep and medical attention had passed by in a blur, but she was feeling more like herself now than she had since she arrived in Wonderland.

It was as if a switch inside of her flipped when she lost consciousness in the quicksand. It had been a cold splash of water, awakening her to the reality of what kind of life she lived. And she realized there was a difference between being a coward and just being afraid.

When Lucifer knocked on the door, Chloe had moved herself to a rocking chair near the window. The view from her room looked over the gardens and she found herself staring out at it, absentmindedly calling to him to come in. Her gaze shifted to look at him across the room. He seemed different.
It took her a minute to realize he hadn’t changed. What changed was the way she looked at him.

They didn’t speak as he came in, oddly enough. Lucifer was uncharacteristically quiet, slipping into the chair next to her. The silence wasn’t strained, or strange. It was comfortable, like a pair of worn jeans or the feel of the wool blanket she had pulled around her body. She could hear him breathing, slow and thoughtful, and she wondered what he was preparing himself to say. Chloe wanted to think she already knew. He had almost lost her again, and for him, things had never changed at home. He didn’t have the memories she had. He didn’t remember how their lips felt pressed against each other, he didn’t know how delicate he made her feel in his embrace. He didn’t know what it was like to look into her eyes, the way he had before like he was looking past her skin and into her very soul.

Chloe stood up, the blanket still wrapped around her, and she moved his arm so she could slide into his lap. He seemed frozen for a moment as if he were about to say something, but she didn’t let him. Instead, she leaned into him, her eyes fluttering shut as her lips pressed against his. They sat like that for a moment, lips against each other, in something chaste and gentle. Finally, his arms wrapped around her and he pulled her closer, his mouth opening to accept her, to accept her apology for pushing him away, to accept her as she was, flaws and all. She kissed him with a depth she didn’t know was possible, her breath mingling into his, her shoulders shaking as she tried not to cry. When they finally parted, he weaved his fingers through her hair and pressed her forehead to hers.

“Chloe,” he whispered like he was calling her home.

Perhaps, it would end the same way. Perhaps he would be afraid again, and maybe one day she would once again walk through his door to find him gone. The chance was there, but this time Chloe understood. Life was scary, but she knew that these were the moments she would remember at the end of it.

And the heartache was worth it, she decided, just to know at the end of her life, whenever it came, she could close her eyes and remember that, even for a fleeting moment, she was loved by Lucifer Morningstar.
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[community profile] entranceway application;

Name: Bex
DW username: [personal profile] runninginheels
E-Mail: thexwoman at gmail dot com
IM: n/a
Plurk: [ profile] bexxen

Other Characters: n/a

Character Name: Chloe Jane Decker
Series: Lucifer
Timeline: 2x13 "A Good Day to Die"
Canon Resource Link: Chloe @ the Lucifer Wiki
Character History:

Once upon a time, mortals Penelope and John Decker wanted nothing more than to have a child of their own. Unable to conceive, God sent the angel Amenadiel to bless Penelope with a child. Thus started the bizarre and not entirely blessed life of Chloe Jane Decker.

John Decker was a detective with the LAPD, and Penelope was a B-movie actress. While we have yet to get many specifics of Chloe's teenage life, we do know that she, while trying to figure out her place in the world, decided to dip her toes into the acting pool. She started her career with a topless scene in the low-budget cult movie Hot Tub High School. Her first role would prove to be her last, as just a week before the movie premiered, her father was murdered during a robbery. The killer was eventually sent to jail and Chloe tossed away her acting desires to instead pursue a career as a police officer, following in the footsteps of her father and hoping to put her efforts into a career that would mean something to the greater good.

While working in the LAPD, she met fellow officer Dan Espinoza. They married and had a baby, Beatrice, who Chloe claims was "planned. Sort of." Regardless of any intention to get pregnant, Chloe has an unbreakable bond with Trixie, sharing with her a very honest and loving relationship. No matter what kind of case she has going on, she always tries to get home in time to read Trixie a bedtime story, and they have breakfast together as often as possible. Sadly, her marriage with Dan started to falter, largely due to the fact that he often was more enthralled in his work than he was interested in spending time with his wife and daughter. They agreed to a trial separation, but that was only the beginning of Chloe's difficulties in her work and home environment.

A case referred to as Palmetto Street haunted Chloe. Chloe became suspicious of a colleague, Detective Malcolm Graham. She followed him, believing she was catching him meeting with a criminal, and a shoot-out occurred. Detective Graham ended up in a coma with little hope of survival, and Chloe came forward with her beliefs of his corruption. Instead of being able to investigate, she was shunned by her fellow police officers for turning against one of their own. She was left in the ruins of her crumbling marriage and was exiled at work.

It was at that time that Chloe was assigned to the case of a murdered pop star, and met Lucifer Morningstar. At first, all Lucifer seemed to be was a hindrance to the case she was investigating and worse, a self-obsessed, narcissistic man who honestly believed he was not only immortal but the Devil himself. While Chloe found herself impressed by his ability to persuade people into sharing their deepest desires, his attempts had no effect on her, and she wasn't sure what to make of him. But when Lucifer saved her life after she was shot she couldn't deny there was a kindred spirit between them and found not only an affection for him but the makings of a good investigator. She agreed to take him on as a consultant, especially since no one else in the department would work with her.

At first, part of Chloe's fascination with Lucifer came from his mystery. She watched him get shot several times, but he was never hurt. He had these strange abilities of temptation, but they didn't work on her. And strange things would happen when he was around, like how he seemed to drive certain criminals insane with a look, could make women and men swoon with just a gaze, and how he could seemingly disappear and reappear in different places. Chloe decided to follow her gut and investigate who - or what - Lucifer actually was. But the more they worked together, and the more she got to know him, she started to trust him.

She and Lucifer continued to work together, growing closer and solving murders. She learned to accept his strange comments about God and Hell in stride, never really committing to believing him but never calling him a lair. The best we can see is that Chloe, if nothing else, doesn't think Lucifer is lying to her, although she seems to think that he might be lying to himself, or at the best, speaking in metaphors. She still hasn't gotten to the point that she is really pushing him for answers, instead of happy to rely on the friendship they have now as opposed to putting too much weight on who - or what - he was in the past. Lucifer, however, had been suspicious of Chloe. He discovered he becomes mortal around her when he insisted shoot him to prove he was telling the truth. In the heat of the moment, she shot him in the leg, injuring him, which only went to prove to her that he wasn't immortal at all. Once he realized he became mortal in her presence he confronted her, asking if she was an angel sent to bring him back to Hell. She allows him to question her, going so far as to show him her back so he could see the absence of wings. Through this, she continually assured him that she is on his side and is nothing but his friend.

When Dan sent her a text message telling her that their relationship was over for good, Chloe got drunk and went to Lucifer in an attempt to seduce him. He turned her down, surprising, and let her sleep it off in her loft, although the encounter made her realize how much she trusts and how much he respects her. Even though their relationship did not turn romantic, she knows he brings out something vulnerable and genuine in her, and she finds peace in her friendship with him.

It wasn't long before the events of Palmetto Street reared their ugly head when the previously brain dead Detective Graham made a miraculous recovery, thanks to a deal with Amenadiel in exchange for killing Lucifer. Chloe didn't know anything about that, of course, but she was still convinced Graham was crooked. She tried to save face with her workmates by taking back her accusations but to her relief, Lucifer and Dan both stood by her, helping her continue her investigation behind closed doors. When Graham decided not to kill Lucifer and instead became obsessed with him, he committed murders in Lucifer's name and then attempted to pin the murders on Lucifer. Although Lucifer was caught seemingly red-handed with one of Graham's victims and escaped with Amenadiel's help, Chloe insisted that Lucifer was innocent, her faith in him never wavering. Dan eventually told her that he knew Lucifer wasn't guilty of the murders. Dan confessed to her the truth - he was the one who shot Graham, because Graham was about to murder Chloe when she stumbled onto his clandestine meeting. Chloe was livid that he deceived her and then didn't stand by her side, letting everyone she worked with think she was insane.

Graham's obsession with Lucifer reached a head when he abducted Trixie and held her hostage so he could finally finish what he started with Chloe. Lucifer followed her to the meeting, and Chloe watched as Graham shot Lucifer. She hides from him, never knowing that Lucifer made a deal with God to do his bidding if He protected Chloe. For that promise, God heals him and Lucifer distracts Graham so that Chloe can shoot him. Graham died, returning to Hell, this time for good.

Chloe became obsessed with how Lucifer was shot and managed to walk away. Eventually, Amenadiel became sick of Lucifer telling Chloe he was the Devil and, worried that Chloe would discover the truth, confronted Chloe and convinced her that Lucifer wore bulletproof vests and squibs to appear as if he had been shot. Chloe defended Lucifer, saying that she didn't think he was crazy, but it was clear she didn't know what to think. She had obtained a vial of his blood, intending to do tests on it and prove once and for all if Lucifer is telling the truth about being the Devil. She had a heart to heart with Ella, the department's M.E. and forensic specialist, who was also Catholic. Ella explained that faith isn't about knowing the true answer, but believing and putting trust in what you care about, and Chloe had a change of heart regarding digging into who Lucifer truly is. Ultimately she chose to throw the blood sample out, deciding to instead trust the positive change he had made in her life and her faith in him as a partner.

Once the truth about Palmetto Street was revealed, Dan lost his rank and it took months for Chloe to regain any amount of trust in her ex-husband. This was the final nail in the coffin for their marriage, and they eventually agreed to a divorce. Since Chloe needed to move into a new house, she needed a roommate and drunkenly agreed to have Lucifer's bartender, Maze, move in with her. Over time she and Maze developed a true friendship, and Maze even began to grow close to Trixie. Chloe's loneliness and isolation were replaced with friends such as Maze, Lucifer's therapist, Linda, and Ella. She found her tribe, so to speak, and it helped that she had a continual, if occasionally flighty ally in Lucifer. As she grew more comfortable with who she was becoming, she started to realize her feelings for Lucifer were more than just a friend or a partner.

When John Decker's killer, Joe Fields, was released on leave from prison, Chloe was enraged and followed him, only to be present at the scene right after he is suddenly murdered. Chloe discovered that the man who went away for her father's murder hadn't actually killed him, and she began to build the investigation up from the bottom, while Dan and Lucifer tried to find out who killed Fields. They eventually discovered that not only the same person killed both John Decker and the Fields, but paid Fields and another man to take the fall for both murders. Maze hunted down the real killer of Decker and Feilds, Perry Smith, and all seemed well.

When Perry finally went to trial, though, the prosecution's key witness was murdered, putting the trial in jeopardy. A woman who Chloe believed was an old friend or lover of Lucifer's, Charlotte, took the job as Perry's defense attorney. Unbeknownst to Chloe, Charlotte was actually Lucifer's mother and had a personal vendetta to drive Chloe and Lucifer apart, thinking it is the only way to get Lucifer to return to Hell. Dan lied in his police report about Chloe being the first at the scene of Field's death, and Lucifer told the truth at the trial, casting doubt on Chloe's credibility and the case itself. Charlotte gave Chloe a choice - tell the truth, and risk letting her father's killer go free. Or call Lucifer a liar and win the case.

Chloe didn't hesitate when she made her choice. On the stand, she told the court that Lucifer didn't lie and that he was the best partner she had ever had. It was the first time Chloe allowed herself to speak the real feelings she had for Lucifer. While her relationship with Lucifer remained stronger than ever, her testimony was enough to shift the trial into Perry's favor. He went free but was murdered the next day. Justice was served somehow, although Chloe didn't see it that way. She didn't know that Maze and Dan orchestrated Perry's murder, but even in this case, Chloe's morality won over her emotions. She didn't feel that two wrongs made a right.

After a series of Lucifer's old lovers were brutally murdered, Chloe started to question her feelings for Lucifer. They went back and forth, Chloe convinced that Lucifer couldn't be anything but a playboy. Lucifer was forced to face some truths about himself and after speaking to Chloe honestly about his feelings for her and how he would never deserve her, she gave in and kissed him. They decided to take their relationship slow, and Chloe had high hopes that maybe, just maybe, things will work out for her this time.

Only days into exploring what could develop between them, Chloe contracted a virus engineered by a serial killer who killed himself in front of her, going to Hell and taking the recipe for the antidote with him. With no way to fight the virus, Chloe and Lucifer looked for answers until she was finally hospitalized, at the edge of death. Lucifer found the antidote by returning to Hell with the help of Maze, Charlotte, and Linda. Chloe had no idea what he had done, only that Lucifer somehow, once again, saved her life. It gave her hope for their future together.

Unfortunately, Lucifer had other plans. As all of that happened, he discovered from Charlotte the truth about Chloe's birth and that God had sent Chloe into his path. Enraged and feeling once again manipulated by his father, Lucifer left his home and the club he ran without warning. Once she was out of the hospital, Chloe went to meet him, eager to see him again and keep exploring their new relationship. Instead, she found his abandoned loft and no reason as to why he left.

Abilities/Special Powers:

Creates Vulnerability: Her presence around Lucifer negates his immortality, leaving him open to injury or death.
Immunity: She is immune to Lucifer's powers of desire exhibition and temptation inducement.
Combat: She is an expert in both marksmanship and self-defense combat due to her police training.

Third-Person Sample:

She hadn't even had time to process Lucifer's disappearance when she wound up in Wonderland. It was an avalanche of confusion barrelling around her shoulders, and Chloe found herself grasping for anything to hold onto, and it was an additional shock to her system to find Lucifer on the other side of the hand she reached out for.

It was three days before she caught her breath. Maybe it was by design; she had questioned Lucifer, talked to as many other people as she could, and explored the Mansion and the grounds for so long her feet hurt, anything to keep her mind off of how much she missed her home. The hours had already started to blend into each other and it was only a matter of time before Chloe exhausted her avenues and herself. Lucifer was being characteristically unhelpful, seeming unable to grasp her panic over the situation, and that resulted in her spending the majority of her time alone. That wasn't completely the fault of Lucifer. It came down to the fact that when Chloe looked at him, she didn't know what to say.

He didn't remember anything. Almost half a year of their time together was gone, and Chloe didn't believe he was lying. Lucifer, for all of his faults, never lied to her before. Why would he start now?

At the end of her third day, Chloe found herself back in the music room. She didn't really know why, but it was her favorite room in the mansion so far. It was usually quiet, and she could sit at the piano and think back to times that weren't so hard. Times she was happy, in fact. Even though she had taken a few years of piano, it didn't stick, but running her fingers over the ivory keys reminded her of how Lucifer's arms felt wrapped around her. Why had he left? And what kind of cosmic joke had taken away his memories so he couldn't even explain himself to her? Now he had no idea what had happened between them, no clue as to how she really felt about him, and maybe worse... She didn't know how he felt about her, either.

Chloe let out a long sigh and pushed herself away from the piano. This wasn't the kind of stuff she needed to be thinking about, especially when she was so far from home, especially because thinking about Trixie made her want to throw up. Keep it together, Decker, she thought, standing up and smoothing her hair from her face. Her priority was to find out whoever was behind this and get home to her daughter. As for Lucifer.. she wasn't going to say a word to him. He didn't need to know what had happened between them.

He was just going to leave her anyway. There was no point in letting him hurt her again.

First-Person Sample:

Hey. My name's Chloe.

[ Chloe really, really hates the network. Something about being the center of attention makes her skin crawl, and that's probably why acting would have never worked out for her. She wasn't like her mother, at least not like that. ]

I have a few questions. I'm a cop, with the LAPD. First of all, I wanted to see if there were any other law enforcement officers here. I'd like to compare some notes, maybe get an idea of what kind of information you've already gathered since arriving.

Second. [ She cleared her throat. ] I'd like to talk to anyone who's been here for a while. I know some of you have been here for a while and you might be able to shed some light on what's going on here and events that have happened in the past. Your help would be... really appreciated.



Third-Person Sample:

To say she was getting used to her time in Wonderland would be a lie, but it wasn't far from the truth, either. It was over a month now; a month of witnessing all of the strange things she had been warned about first hand, from witches to evil clones to werewolves to magic. For some, it may have served to be proof of all they had wanted to believe in or, for others, a continuation of the bizarre lives they left behind. But for Chloe, it was earth-shattering, a sudden break in reality where the floor had caved out from under her and she found herself in a free fall.

She felt a little like Alice, lost in this world where everyone was mad. The only difference was she didn't have that sense of child-like wonder to break the fall.

She often called to mind that conversation she'd had with Lucifer, not long after she first met him, when he asked her if she believed in God. Her answer was true to herself then - she believed in the laws of the universe, in good and evil, in a reality that was bound together by the sum of its parts. Her crisis of faith was not that of a worshipper blindly loyal to a God, only to find that belief challenged by the cold realities of life that went against everything their religion stood for. Instead, her crisis of faith was buried in the stark reality of being forced to endure that which had once been impossible, to conjure belief from a place that it had never existed before.

Trixie used to love when her mother read her Alice in Wonderland, and her little girl knew the book so well that her lips would move along with the words as Chloe read. So many of the passages stood out to her now and words that once had little meaning came to shed light on the realities she still couldn't quite grasp. I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.

In the beginning, it was easy for Chloe to think about the time before Wonderland, before she had watched vampires heal with their blood, seen werewolves and wizards and Mirrors walk the halls of the mansion, before she conjured an angel's feather with a thought and watched it heal her best friend's mangled body. Life had been far easier when she didn't have to look the things she never believed in right in the eye. Life wasn't easy anymore, and she yearned even for the days that seemed so challenging with every break of her heart. In those days there was just good and evil, but she was strong enough to fight it all on her own.

Those days were yesterday now, and she was no longer that person. The only option now was to move on.

First-Person Sample:

After last month, I was definitely expecting something a little more... I don't know, traumatizing? Less Winter Break and more The Shining. Like, I'm not actually complaining, although if we were getting offered a vacation I'd take a beach over snow.

[ As it happens, Chloe doesn't exactly look devastated. At the moment, she is curled up in a plush chair in her current bedroom, a book in one hand and a steaming cup of hot chocolate on the table beside her. ]

I'm still not convinced I didn't just hit my head and am now hallucinating everything that is going on but that aside, I'm going to assume this isn't the kind of "event" people warned me about when I got here. Again, not complaining. And I really hope I didn't just jinx all of us.

[ Sorry, folks. ] But is this free vacation thing also something that happens a lot?